President’s Message September 2018

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Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great summer and is eager for a fresh start to the Calgary Federation Chapter.  First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who attended the brainstorming session in the spring.  There were so many various ideas and many of them will be obtainable over the course of the year if we have people in place to execute all of these fabulous ideas.  The consensus that I received is that people were looking for a place to build relationships in the art community.

My goal this year is to step back, rebuild and do exactly that.  The lifeblood of a volunteer organization runs on its members’ strengths and input.  I believe that members have to feel a connection with one another and feel like they are benefiting from their involvement before they step forward and donate their valuable time and energy. There is obviously a disconnect in that department, as there are very few people stepping forward to fulfill those commitments.  If, at this time, we focus on the rebuild instead of forcing members to volunteer, we can obtain better results down the road.

Just a few quick updates for you and I’ll begin with the most pressing matter:  Edgemont “Art Harvest”  Exhibition is cancelled due to a lack of volunteers. We could not move forward with Vancouver without a Show Coordinator and Artist Submission Coordinator.  It’s plain and simple – without man-power, there can be no show.

I am happy to announce that the FCA Calgary website refresh is finished and the results are incredible.  A big thank you to Pamela Jones for all of her tireless efforts to make this work. We will be reviewing the website at the meeting next Tuesday night.

Here’s a link to minutes from our Special Annual General Meeting held May 15, 2018.

I will be driving from Penticton next Tuesday and may not arrive until after 7:00 pm.  Laurie Thompson will be chairing the meeting until I arrive.

See you next week.

Tracy Proctor
FCA Calgary President

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