President’s Message October 2018

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Hello FCA Calgary Chapter Members,

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting this Tuesday evening. James Tenote is on the program to do a demonstration in the second half of the meeting. Most importantly, we will be discussing the compiled results of the survey and how we will use the information moving forward. It was great to see so many people took part and provided interesting feedback and comments – thanks for your involvement. The business side of the meeting will be very short. I have listed the topics in point form below.


  1. Survey Results
  2. New format of monthly meetings starting November
    • November meeting – Demo by George Gorden
    • January Meeting – Critique by Sharon Williams
  3. Bobbie Dunlop workshop information
  4. Focus Groups for action plans to execute results of the survey
  5. Blog content on website – Facebook page for member’s news
  6. Membership dues
  7. Demo from James Tenote

We will meet, as usual, on Tuesday, October 16 at 7 pm at the Lakeview Community Center (6110 34 ST, Calgary, AB T3E 5L6).

You can review September’s chapter meeting minutes here.

Tracy Proctor
President, FCA Calgary Chapter

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