Yanina Eberhard

Yanina Eberhard is a self-taught Argentine-Canadian Artist, living in Canada since 2005.

Inspired by nature, her paintings are usually characterized by the interplay between light and atmosphere. Morning and evening light, colors and abstract shapes, are her real inspirations. Her paintings are considered to belong to the impressionism movement, using the elements of painting to recreate a feeling more than the actual rendering of the painted object.

To achieve her painting language, she paints everyday using oil paints in an empirical way. These constant enterprises produce work that is one of a kind while keeping her unique style. This urge to deliver a more accurate message is a testimony of her belief that it is paramount as a growing artist to step out of your comfort zone.

In 2018 she began selling her paintings at art shows with good reception. She is now an active member of many prestigious art organizations where her work has been awarded, and recently featured at International Artists Magazine. Her art is part of private collections in Europe, North and South Americaā€¯.