Valerie Speer

Valerie is known for her dream-like landscape acrylic paintings with simplistic lines, play of light, and gradations of colour. Together, these elements evoke the peaceful essence signature to Valerie’s work. Her prairie scenes include large open skies, light playing on the land and dramatic weather systems. Her mountain paintings evoke feelings of solitude in places of stunning grandeur.

With training in visual arts, Valerie has painted professionally since 2002. Valerie became inspired by Lawren Harris and the Group of Seven from the onset of her career. Harris’ work captured what Valerie desired to convey in her own paintings. This influence developed the simplicity of shape and form that has allowed her to communicate her sense of a place through her art.

Valerie is active with group exhibits in Alberta and British Columbia and recently opened her own Speer and Brush Studio & Gallery in Rosebud AB. As the President of the Rosebud Art Collective, Valerie hosts annual art events involving artists from Western Canada. She is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and is working towards her Signature status. You can find her work in Calgary at Paint Ur Art Out, Lineham House Galleries in Okotoks and The Vault in Strathmore AB.