Nadine Johnson

Nadine was introduced to art at an early age but didn’t start her practice until 2007. Her education
consisted of weekly instruction, workshops, and open studios, leading to a mentorship program with
Jean Pedersen. Nadine also attended open studio retreats with Brian Atyeo. In 2020, she completed
the 12-week Creative Visionary Program with Nicholas Wilton and returned in 2021 as an alumna to
complete the course again to further her expertise. In addition to gallery exhibitions, Nadine has
numerous paintings in private and corporate collections. In April of 2021, she received her Signature
Status with the Federation Of Canadian Artists. She maintains an active membership with the Leighton Art Center and the Federation Of Canadian Artists.

“Painting feels like my own personal language. I communicate using a juxtaposition between layers, lines, marks, and shapes. Drawing inspiration from my environment, I identify most strongly with
flowers and food because of the deep connection between family and community. Using paint, collage, crayons, and pencil, I explore interesting compositions that reflect those relationships and
their diversity.”

Working in acrylic mixed media, Nadine’s intuitive approach to contemporary abstract painting opens
up a world of wonder and joy to herself and the viewer. The recurring themes in her paintings are her
use of bright colours, layering of acrylic paint, and collage to create depth and texture. Incorporating play into all her work using pencils, crayons, a trowel, stencils, and various other tools helps develop surface integrity, enabling the work to be enjoyed from a distance as well as close up.