Federation of Canadian Artists Calgary Chapter

The Calgary Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists is a collective of Calgary and area artists who share their love of art through membership, workshops and exhibitions.


The Calgary Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists invites you to join us as we share in our love of art. Membership in the Calgary Chapter offers connection between artists, the art community and public at large within the City of Calgary and beyond.

We offer our members and community participants opportunities to attend art workshops and demonstrations throughout the year. We believe that art education and skill building is beneficial to our members. Scheduled art workshops are held at venues in Calgary, near Calgary or on-line.

Our active members host at least two art exhibitions to sell their best juried work each year. These juried exhibitions award first to third plus three honourable mentions at each show. The public is invited to enjoy and even purchase favourite art piecesat these events.

Calgary Tower

About Us

The Calgary Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists had its first western exhibition and sale in July of 1949. The Chapter was fully organized in 1981. Since then, the Calgary Chapter has grown and developed with a membership that averages around 120 members. Our members have a range of skills and ability with the entry level requirement being only the desire to learn. Standards are maintained through juries for active membership status. Active artist members with high proficiency can apply for accreditation from our parent organization in Vancouver.

This Chapter is a leader in western Canada for uniting artists, critics, and all persons interested in art. The Calgary Chapter provides a clearing house for information and ideas which is shared among members. It promotes the welfare and benefits of art in the community.
Educational and practical workshops organized by the Calgary Chapter are among the many benefits of membership in this chapter. Several juried shows each year provide the members with opportunities to exhibit works of art as well as provide the general public with insight into the artist mind and vision.